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“Absolutely loved it.”

“I thought it was very good. Very wholesome entertainment. I wish we had more pictures made like that.”

“It really presented the Gospel well, in a very practical way, so I thought it was great. I enjoyed it.”

“The message of salvation plainly given . . . salvation through Jesus Christ alone.”

“I think personally it’s just a good reminder of God’s grace in our lives, and He’s willing to forgive us, even when we’ve gone a long ways down the wrong road.”

“The Gospel was very clear . . . also, the fact that, you know, Chick, he felt so bad about leading his friend into sin, and just thinking about . . . what kind of a friend are you to people and how you impact other people.”

“I love the character of Will Wright. I really do. I mean, to see him go from the beginning all the way to the end and how he develops his own character. It was amazing.”

“Will reminded me of the prodigal son . . . how he went away from his family. He wasn’t really trying to honor his parents, and then he came back to them at the end.”

“As a baseball historian, fan of the game, father of a little leaguer, and most importantly, child of Christ, I was moved through the work of the Lord in the film.”

“Great movie!”

“The message of the film was soul-probing and crystal clear. Nicely done!”

“This movie was awesome! God used it to show me things that I need to change in my life.”

“Not only an amazing movie, but also a very clear gospel message!”

“Milltown Pride is a powerful film for the entire family. The evangelistic appeal is outstanding with a clear-cut presentation of the Gospel.”

“The movie was a delight. The story was compelling and the actors did a splendid job of carrying it through. I was so blessed to see the Gospel and the Christian walk so clearly presented.”