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Terry Davenport

Production Designer

“Details are what set a good film apart from a great one,” says Terry Davenport. As the production designer for Milltown Pride, Terry, with the help of his crew, is responsible for making sure everything seen in the film—from costumes to props to locations—is consistent with 1920s setting. Hiding all evidence of the 21st century was a particular challenge, especially for outdoor scenes. Air conditioning units had to be hidden by shrubs, and screen doors had to be replaced with older-looking versions. The crew even constructed a 200-foot fence to block the modern buildings that otherwise would be seen in the background.

“It’s all an artist’s dream to be able to be involved in this type of art that is a sort of ‘living canvas,’” Terry says. His vision for Milltown Pride is that it “will outlast us all and will reach people with the Gospel and biblical teaching for years to come.”