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Steve White

Sound Recording

Steve White is responsible for recording the sound and preparing the sound track for Milltown Pride. He works with crew members to get all support equipment on site, to place the microphones, and to work with the director to resolve any sound problems.

Steve’s past experience includes working for KCTV Channel 5 in Kansas City and for Indiana University’s public TV station. At Unusual Films, Steve has had a role in numerous productions, including Sheffey and Appalachian Trial.

His photography and other works have earned him two CINE Golden Eagle Awards and the Indiana PBS Production Achievement Award from Brass Theater.

Steve is excited to use high-tech digital audio tools. “We can do things today that were impossible or too time-consuming before,” he says. “[But the] most exciting [thing] is realizing the broad outreach of the gospel message that this film will have,” he says.