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Pike Spangler

Played by Logan Phillips

Pike Spangler has always been top dog on the Newton team—but his fortunes change when Iron Will’s prowess at the plate takes off. The oldest Spangler boy rages against the town boy who can just show up one day and turn the whole team upside down. Pike’s natural mean streak deepens as he broods on ways to eliminate Will once and for all.

Logan Phillips

The last time Logan Phillips acted in a play was in the fourth grade. But after Logan took an introductory film course, his professor encouraged him to try out for Milltown Pride because “he thought I could play a bad guy.”

Logan says he has watched many Unusual Films productions and always thought it would be fun to be in one. “I think playing Pike is one of the easiest roles because I’m allowed to get aggravated,” Logan says, referring to the hours the cast might spend on getting just one scene done to the crew’s satisfaction. Logan is a senior at Bob Jones University, majoring in business administration.

Stephen Hawkey — Young Pike

Stephen Hawkey calls his character in Milltown Pride a “bad boy.”

“It was an amazing experience to be part of the film as an actor,” Stephen says. He says he really enjoyed the day he and the other boys in the film got together to play baseball. His favorite sport, though, is soccer. Stephen is 14 and in ninth grade, and he enjoys playing cello and piano.

“Mr. Rogers was a really good director. He put up with all us boys!”