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Ginnie Douglas

Played by Becca Kaser

Ginnie Douglas loves to make everyday life a little brighter for the kids at Newton Mill. She discovers a new interest in baseball when “Iron Will” Wright attracts a following in the mill village. As long as Will sets a sterling example for the boys, Ginnie proves his biggest fan. But she fiercely opposes anyone who might lead youngsters astray.

Becca Kaser

Becca Kaser teaches speech and theater at BJU and loves being able to minister to college students through the classroom. Becca has played the role of Cordelia in the Classic Player’s production of King Lear, and Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Ariel in The Tempest with The Greenville Shakespeare Company.

Becca says, “Film is very different from stage work. On the stage, you don’t stop no matter what. But in film there’s a ton of stopping and starting. It’s getting back into character that is the hardest part.”

She says she enjoyed the challenge of portraying the character of Ginny as naturally and realistically as possible. Her favorite “role,” though, is her role as wife to her husband, Nathan.