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Ezekiel Wright

Played by Darren Lawson

A prominent Newton banker, Ezekiel Wright is quite proud of his settled position in “town” where he keeps a respectable distance from the folks out on “mill hill.” A stern father, he sees his purpose in life as preserving Newton’s traditions and way of life.

Darren Lawson

Darren is the academic dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication at Bob Jones University. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in rhetoric and public address and platform arts from BJU and a Ph.D. in organizational communication from the University of Kansas.

Darren enjoys anything associated with the stage—including acting, directing and producing. He is the producer for the University Classic Players, Opera Association, Vespers, and Living Gallery presentation at BJU, and he is a regular actor in the University Classic Players and serves as stage director for the Opera Association.

Darren is married to Sarah, a distance education teacher at BJU Press Distance Learning. They have one son, Cameron.