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Chick Spangler

Played by Ben Ascher

Chick Spangler scrambles to keep from being overshadowed by big brother Pike. With a quick sense of humor and a healthy dose of boyish exuberance, Chick sparks the Newton team forward from the pitcher’s mound. His whole world is baseball until the day he discovers he’s been missing something all his life.

Ben Ascher

Several people associated with the production of Milltown Pride, including screenwriter David Burke, told Ben Ascher that he looked perfect for the part of Chick Spangler. Ben, a senior at Bob Jones University majoring in biblical counseling, had plans to attend Officer Candidate School last summer, but he’s glad that he opted to audition for the film instead.

“My character is supposed to be high-energy, and that’s exactly how I am,” Ben says. One of the high points of the film for him was when his character got saved at a Billy Sunday evangelistic meeting. He says his prayer is that God will use this film to touch people for Christ.

Willy Walker — Young Chick

Willy, 14, is an eighth-grader who has had a lot of experience with acting in video productions. His mother, Evanna Walker, an instructor for BJU Distance Learning, persuaded Willy to fill several roles in instructional videos she has written and produced. And despite being the shortest member of his second grade class, Willy played the role of Goliath in a school play.

He says playing the role of “young Chick” allowed him to be “a little sneaky.” One of his favorite parts of filming Milltown Pride was the cast’s trip to a train trestle in North Carolina where several scenes were filmed. Willy enjoys soccer and building models of cars and planes.